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Hi Friends, My Name is Samarjeet, people call me Sam, I am 28 male,5′10″ height 70Kgs Weight staying in Navi Mumbai, businessman, married but still hungry! This is just about 3 days back, I was in a famous mall in Vashi in orbit, I have a habit of looking at attractive women from top to bottom and then to look in to her eyes to check if she has noticed and is showing any interest? as I always had a fantasy to get into a quickie with no strings attached and that too with a wild and horny female.

I guess I was really lucky that evening, I was in Max a retail outlet with my family to check out some new clothes for me and my wife, its then when I was looking out for some accessories for me and my wife was a little away from me when I saw this young lady checking out some kurtis close to me, she was wearing a black top and a black capri, she was fair, hair length was till her center of her back, all straight hair little brown in color, sharp features and a figure to die for.
I did same thing again, stair at her from top to bottom and she noticed this,

We had an eye contact and she walked straight towards me at the belts counter and started looking for some belts, I got the clue and took out my cell phone and pretended as if I have received a call and started talking as if on a business call and in the mean while went further closer to her and promptly made a statement” sir please not down my other number and started saying my number” when I did this she took out her mobile and dialed my number! My job was done in fact I don’t have 2 numbers that’s the only number

I have and she at the same time gave me a missed call and she realized that she was caught, I immediately stored her number and called back she picked up the call and said “this is a smart way to exchange numbers” I said I usually use it, if the other person is smart enough she will get it which means that you are a smart girl! She smiled I told her to meet me at the parking exit towards Vashi station after an hour! she agreed to it, I quickly ran up to my wife, told her that there is a client coming to meet me and we have to rush,

She wrapped up her shopping and I dropped he home, and came back to the agreed place.
I saw this woman standing at the exit, it was raining so she was in the guard’s room’s shade, I opened the window of my car, blew the horn, she saw me in the car and ran toward the car, I opened the door for her and made her comfy, then I drove out from there and took her a little further to an isolated place where the street lights were also not working, I asked her name and she told me Shweta just as she looks.

Asked her if she wants to go to a hotel room or she have some place, she said she will take me to her home, we drove to her home ,in the conversation I realized her husband is a shippi and is usually out on ship and she spends her time with her friends by going out shopping, movies etc. while driving I had a few glances at her gori cleavage which was great in those 34 size melons, very curvaceous body she had! she noticed it and boldly said that she is all mine for tonight, but I said I am only in for a quickie as I have to return back home, I am with you for some fun and no serious relationship,

To which she had no objection and said she too desperately needed someone like this! I felt lucky too! now we had entered her home which was awesome and expensive, the moment she closed the door, I hold her from behind and started kissing and touching her neck from behind by my lips, she hold my hands and was enjoying it, I swiftly slipped my hand into het top from the waist and touched her belly which was toned and soft, I was enjoying the smooth and supple feel of it and she was breathing a bit heavy,

She turned and pinched my lips and pressed my arms tight and came closer to my lips, touched them with her lips and then touched them with her tongue, I was enjoying it, and while she did all this I touched her ass over her denim capri, it was soft and plump, pushed my hand from behind into het jeans and touched the cleavage of her ass! She got a shiver! and this made her smooch me hard, she was sucking my lower lip and trying to open my belt on the jeans, I helped her open it and also unbuttoned my jeans for her,

She kept on kissing me and hold my tool in her hands over my undies! By then I had my hand on her back at the bra hooks, she said” don’t open it now, I will make you strive for me” I was enjoying this behavior of her! she removed her top and was in her bra and jeans, a gorgeous dream girl was in front of me, all this while my jeans was unbuttoned and my shirt was in place, I quickly removed my shirt, she saw her hairs on my chest and hugged me and brushed her partially open breasts on my chest, sucked my nipples! I was getting out of control.

I placed my hand on her soft but firm breasts and started squeezing them from her bra, she moaned and then I pushed my hand inside her bra and pulled out her right breast! God it was so beautiful! Her nipples were neither too big nor too small! And pinkish in color I touched the tip of my tongue to the tip of her nipple and she shivered, I the pressed it with my teeth! She hooded my head firm and pressed it hard to her breast and said lets go the tub! And set the water on fire!
I would love to take it further, and as you people might have noticed by now that how much

I have been enjoying narrating this incident that I have shared it in so detail! I would need some true opinions from the readers to understand if this incident has taken their interest! So that I can continue it with the same passion as i did this encounter! Reach me on samoberoi24@yahoo.com,all women specially mature women are something i have a passion for! need your honest feedback and guidance!

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